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Friday, June 25, 2004

Freedom of Speech.

This post today focuses on 2 blogs of Note: Zaydoun in Kuwait and Iraq the Model. This concerns the fact that until April 9, 2003 in Iraq, the people there could not have their free say, in fact they could not have any say since going on the Internet could lead to death. I very much appreciate these guys because they give us an inside view of what it's like to live in their countries both before and after Saddam, and after contact with the outside world (somewhat akin to China and USSR).

We all take our freedoms for granted because we have not had them taken away nor have we lived in a country that doesn't have them. This is why it comes as such a surprise when we meet people from countries that don't have them. Before Saddam was ousted, I thought that all the people in the Mid East and Africa hated our guts. But to my surprise, with these new blogs, they didn't. Most of them loved us. And now I have made friends in the strangest of places thanks to the internet which guarantees a readership. Please read Iraq The Model's post for Fri., it is very enlightening.


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Hi Ibn Rushd
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